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Language Disorders We Treat

Language Disorders impact processing and use of linguistic information.

Receptive Language Disorder is the ability to listen and comprehend. People impacted by receptive language disorders may have difficulty understanding spoken and/or written language. Receptive language disorders may have unknown causes or result from medical events. A person impacted by a receptive language disorder may have difficulty following age appropriate directions and organizing information they have heard. If you have concerns about a loved ones receptive language skills contact Foundation Therapy Services, Inc. to schedule an evaluation.

Expressive Language Disorder impacts normal vocabulary development, use of complex sentences, word recall  for verbal and written communication. Persons experiencing an expressive language disorders may have difficulty learning new vocabulary, frequently use “um” and substitute general words with “stuff” or “thing” instead of using the precise word. They may confuse verb tense, use the same phrases over and over again, become frustrated when they they are not able to communicate their thoughts. They may not talk much but understand what people are saying. They may be able to produce sounds and words but their sentences do not make sense and they use a limited variety of sentence structures. Causes of expressive language disorders can be unknown or result from a medical event. Reach out to us today to learn about treatment options.

Mixed Receptive-Expressive Language Disorders involve difficulty understanding and using spoken or written language which can be developmental or acquired. Mixed receptive and expressive language disorders do impact a child’s ability to be successful in school or in an adult’s interactions in the work, home and community settings. Contact Foundation Therapy Services, Inc. to set up an appointment to assess and treat.

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