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Dressing Milestones: What they reveal about your child’s development!

We all know that our children should sit up at 6 months, crawl at 9 months, and walk at around a year old. However, have you thought about when your child should be dressing themselves?

Common Questions You Might Have About Your Child’s Speech and Language Development

Common Questions You Might Have About Your Child’s Speech and Language Development Q: What do clinician’s mean when they use terms like speech, language and communication? A: Knowing what these terms mean is helpful when determining what area your child has a delay or disorder. These 3 separate terms help us better understand how to meet your child’s individual needs. Speech is communication through the use of spoken words that are made up of sounds. An example of an articulation error

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How to Give Kids Effective Instructions

The first step to harmony is teaching your child to listen and follow directions One of the most important keys to minimizing problem behavior is making sure that kids are getting the message you’re trying to send. When it comes to parenting, sometimes the way instructions are given can be just as important as what you’re trying to communicate. Here are ways to present information to your children to make it more likely that they’ll hear you, and comply: Be

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How to Handle Tantrums and Meltdowns

Tips for helping children learn better ways to express powerful emotions Caroline Miller   The first thing we have to do to manage tantrums is to understand them. That is not always as easy as it sounds, since tantrums and meltdowns are generated by a lot of different things: fear, frustration, anger, sensory overload, to name a few. And since a tantrum isn’t a very clear way to communicate (even though it may be a powerful way to get attention),

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